Cassava is one of popular root crop in Nigeria which has variety of uses.  It is mostly grown during the rainy season and it is one of the major sources of carbohydrate.  Garri which is one the staple food in Nigeria is derived from cassava.  Producers of this crop are majorly small scale and subsistence farmers which accounts for low yield due to poor land preparation, inefficient fertilizer application and variety of cassava stem amongst others. 

AFRI-FRUITS LTD introduced the mechanized cassava production using heavy duty equipment that is soil friendly.  It helps the cassava roots to grow bigger and the cassava is harvested using mechanized method.  Harvesting of cassava is achieved with the aid of a Planter.  Also we have the fertilizer application during the planting as an integral part of the mechanized system to ensure even distribution of fertilizer at the time of planting.

Processing of cassava is one of major aspects of this project because it will help to bring out two major by-product of cassava which is garri and starch which has great demand in our local market.  The starch is in high demand in the medical, breweries and food production companies.