AFRI-FRUITS LTD is one of the leading companies in Nigeria in the field of agriculture, irrigation network and Green House facility for production of vegetable during the rainy season and open field for production of vegetables during the dry season period.

AFRI-FRUITS LIMITED was incorporated in 1989 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and ever since it has been in active participation in the agricultural sector of the Nigeria economy.

The Company comprises of team of experienced personnel who have spent many years in a wide range of activities encompassing the development of agriculture, modern irrigation system for better productivity amongst others.

AFRI-FRUITS LTD has proven, tested competencies (with verifiable achievements) in agricultural projects startups and management, animal husbandry (Fish farming, poultry farm management and chicken, crop husbandry which includes fruits, vegetables, tomato, cassava, rice, etc.

AFRI-FRUITS LTD has also secured contracts for community forestry, Nursery development, seed propagation, fertilizer utilization, soil evaluation for plantation projects.  The company has also developed expertise in securing expatriate personnel to man startup farm projects in Nigeria.  Thus injection of foreign expertise at the onset of projects has basically ensured the success of the projects thus far.